Tuesday, October 27

Fall in Sinaloa

Well, we haven't posted much lately, have we? You know it's been a long time when you can't remember your username and password! Sorry about that. With the cooler weather here, I should be able to find more energy and time to keep you all updated!

It's late October in Las Glorias and the heat has finally rolled out to sea. Hurricane Rick blew past us last week and it looks like he took all the humidity with him. Thank you, Lord!

Now we begin preparations for our winter mission teams who will be coming down soon. In fact, our first team should arrive next week. Keep them in your prayers! They are a family from Sacramento.

In the meantime, we've been doing some "yard beautification" during the past week. A friend gave us some laurel branches to plant. They say that all you do is plant them and water them and in a few months we'll have trees. We'll see what happens! It will certainly be nice to have shade on the house when summer comes back around.

You have no idea how wonderful it is to be able to work outside -- in long pants, no less -- without sweating...too much! The kids are still splashing around in the pool, but it's pretty chilly now when the breeze picks up. The evening temps inside the house now are in the upper 70s. Brrrrr! ;^)

Fishing season is in full swing. While the quantity of shrimp leaves a little to be desired, the quality is out of this world! One of the brothers brought these little beauties over last week. They hardly deserve to be called shrimp!

Continue to pray for the fishermen of our village. With the small amount of shrimp coming in, one would expect the prices to go up. This hasn't been the case, though. The selling price is lower than ever, which makes life very hard on these poor fishermen -- fewer shrimp and lower prices for the ones they do catch.

Sarah continues her work at the deaf school in Los Mochis. Practically the whole school came over last weekend for a day at the beach. We had a blast! It was so good to have Sarah home -- even if only for a couple of days! You can click over to her blog to read her weekly updates. She is adjusting well to life as Teacher and is excited to see what God will do in her next weeks there. She will be at the school full-time until Christmas. After that, well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

Meanwhile, kids' classes continue at the church in Boca del Rio. We started the new year in October with new teacher and a new system. God is growing our children's ministry. Hurrah! We've been averaging about 50 kids per week for the Saturday classes and many of these kids have been coming on Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon church services, too. Wow! Last week, for example, we had 28 kids at the Wednesday prayer service...and only 14 adults showed up! Pastor Ricardo quickly adjusted his message to suit a younger audience. Flexibility is definitely a key to life in Mexico!

Please pray for the children of Boca del Rio. There is so much lack and despair in their lives. Pray that the church would be able to reach out to them and demonstrate God's love for them.

Well, it was a short update, but at least you know that we're still alive and kicking here in Sinaloa!!! More posts will follow -- and, Lord willing, with more regularity!

Que Dios les bendiga!!!