Friday, October 28

Quimichis Update

The mission team from Vida Nueva Church left for Quimichis, Nayarit, on Wednesday morning.  Via Facebook, I saw that they had arrived safely and then later got a message from Doug saying basically the same thing.  Today I had a chance to talk to him briefly by phone.  He said that the village where the team is ministering doesn’t have very good cell coverage, so this morning, when the team traveled into the city to share at the local prison, he took a moment to check in at home.

[Funny side note: I had left my cell phone at home while I ran to Boca for a moment.  As I was driving home, our friend Esteban flagged me down on the boulevard and said, “Here, talk to your husband.”  Unable to reach me on my phone, Doug had called Esteban to see if he could find me.  I just love our town.]

So, the mission team is doing great.  They have split up a bit and are staying with various brothers and sisters in the Church.  Doug said that their time of sharing in the prison went very well.  He did some teaching and the boys had a chance to share testimony.  The conference being given in the evenings is going very well, also.  The people are responsive and hungry to hear and learn from God’s word. 

I’ll share more when I know more and will post photos too, Lord willing.  (Jessee left without his camera, but I’m certain that someone else is taking pictures!)

Continue to pray for this mission and for the Church in Quimichis.  The team will be returning on Monday.

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