Tuesday, September 20

The Bread Store

Hay pan! Hay pan! Bien rico y calientito!
Translation: Bread! Fresh, hot bread!

On the road as we drive from Tamazula to the church in El Serrano, we pass through several small villages.  At the point where we turn off the road to begin driving through corn and potato fields, there is a bread store.
There are three giant, brick and mud ovens which are fired up almost daily to make the most amazing and wonderful white and whole wheat bread.  Some of the breads are filled with Mexican raw sugar, piloncillo, and some are filled with sweetened squash, calabaza.   
Whichever way you slice it, this bread is good eating!!!  Every time we drive past, if there's bread on the table, we try to stop to buy a special treat for everyone in the car.  The mid-day meal being the big meal of the day, supper, or cena, in our part of Mexico is often only a bread with juice or yogurt or maybe some fruit.  We're always glad when we can "break bread" with our brothers and sisters in Christ!!!