Thursday, November 5

Fishy Fellowship

On Tuesday, Doug and Esteban took Andrew out fishing (early birthday present). They did well -- although they missed the tide on the way back in and ended up having to haul their nets a bit farther than they had intended! Oops!

They arrived home tired and dirty...and just in time to leave again for our Tuesday night Bible study. One of the wonderful things about the culture here is how flexible everyone is. That can be a frustrating thing when you're trying to actually get something done according to a time schedule, but generally it makes life flow a little more smoothly and less stressfully.

Instead of rushing around trying to eat supper before we left, we just left and took supper with us! When we arrived at Lupita's house, she had just gotten home from Guasave, so bringing supper along worked great for her, too!

I felt bad about her having to make all the tortillas for the group, but she insisted that #1 You can't eat fish with flour tortillas and #2 She'd much rather make corn tortillas than clean fish. I had to agree with that! We let the menfolk take care of the fish-cleaning while Basi and I chopped veggies.

A missionary family from Sacramento arrived on Sunday and it was great to be able to share our friends with them. Unfortunately, we're having to share them with the mosquitos, too. Ugh! Poor thing!

We're praying for a couple of cold nights and cloudy days so the mosquitos die down a bit. Meanwhile, we swat and put on repellant and stay indoors between 5 and 6 in the evening. To be honest, repellant doesn't work that well. The best way to keep the skeeters away is...smoke.

So, we have now celebrated Andrew's birthday twice this year -- and his actual birthday isn't until Saturday. Lucky kid! Tomorrow we're having a pizza party with the neighborhood kids. Of course, I'll take lots of pics of that, too! Now that the duck has moved out of the brick oven, we should be able to use it to cook in!

As we were leaving the get-together on Tuesday night, I heard Lupita say to Julio, "Parties that just 'happen' are always better than those that you have to plan." I'd never thought about it, but it's so true! How many times have I stressed over the preparations for a birthday party? Way too many! I'm learning from the people here to just let life "happen" a bit more and not try to regulate it so much. It's hard for me, but God is faithful!


Micah said...

We loved it. This is exactly what we wanted to be doing down here. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

The Baginski's

Jake said...

wow thanks for the post and pics - really enjoy your blog and story.

I know you're in Mexico and everything, but it definitely sounds as if you could use a mosquito magnet -, you'll never need the bug spray again!

Keep up the good work!

Rebecca said...

The mosquito magnet looks like a great thing! Unfortunately, we'd have to buy 5 or 6 to really have any lasting effect around our house. It'd be a little spendy! :^) I think next season we'll work on more "mosquito education" in our village. Less standing water = fewer mosquitos. I think we should build some bat houses, too! lol