Tuesday, March 10

The Fun-Fact Friday Info Page

Fun Fact Friday is a family friendly forum, featuring fun, family-friendly facts for the, er, family. Alright, enough aliteration. I'm sure everyone gets the idea!

This meme is all about learning new things. Every Friday, look for the Mr. Linky here at the The Coult Family's blog. Leave your name and a link to your Fun Fact post (not your main page) so everyone can hop over to your site and find your fact. After you've posted your link, click over to your fellow participants' blogs to learn something you never knew before.

We've made a button to use with this meme. Feel free to use it on your sidebar or in the text of your Fun Fact Friday post.

Fun Fact Friday will start officially on Friday, March 13th, so dig up a family-friendly fact and we'll see you then!

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