Friday, November 20

A Walk in the Park

Parque Villa de Fañe in Guasave is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. The city has been renovating it, so it's very different from the park we used to visit when we first came here. A small railroad runs around the perimeter of the park, the city pool has been patched and painted and is now open to the public (for free, no less), the old and incredibly dangerous slippery slide and broken ferris wheel have been removed and the swings and monkey bars have been spiffed. Even the small "zoo" (I use that term loosely) has been cleaned up and the animals look to be in better shape (still makes me sad to see them in captivity, but at least their habitats are clean.) In short, it is a great place to spend the day!

Yesterday the Baginsky family left for their home in California. They spent about 3 weeks with us hanging out and experiencing our life and ministry here. Micah and Doug spent a lot of time planning our upstairs addition (keep praying about that!!!) and even got a couple of cool projects done. Emily and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen (by choice) and the kids mingled and meandered and just generally enjoyed each other's company. We just love when missionaries come to visit!

I have about 200 photos from our time in the park. Don't worry, I'm not posting them all here. You only get to see about a dozen.

I was really happy to see that they hadn't removed the carosel. It still isn't fixed, but it's so...quaint! Don't you agree?

The Baginskis and the Coults (minus Sarah)
Like the watermelon? More about that later!

This park is a favorite with the boys because of the great skateboard area. Mom, on the other hand, prays a lot when we go there!

A beautiful place for a picnic lunch or just a walk in the shade.

Proof that Doug and I were there!

We were sad to see our new friends leave, but so blessed that we were able to spend time with them praying, working and playing, too! God is so good to us!

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Emily said...

Hey Guys we made it home! We will tell you all about it on the Blog. Thank you so much for your hospitality, we will never forget the trip. We missed the Princes in Cabo because I couldn't get the phone number to go through. Love you.