Friday, August 8

Walk-In Movie

Another neat outreach event the Rest Life team hosted was a “walk-in” movie at Sister Victoria’s house. Victoria lives right on the main street and has a big yard, so it is a perfect place to show a movie. We used Sergio’s projector (still praying for a way to repair the one we have) and showed the film “Facing the Giants”. If you’ve never watched this movie, I highly recommend it. I think I’ve seen it half a dozen times, and I cry every time.

Dann shared his testimony before we began the movie. One benefit to showing a movie out in the open, rather than inside the church building, is that people are able to just “sidle up” and watch and not feel threatened. When the show started, there were only a couple dozen people gathered, but by the end of Dann’s testimony many more clusters of men and women had gathered to listen – far enough away to look like they weren’t interested, but close enough to hear. We’ll never know the impact we make on people’s lives until we get to heaven. We just need to speak out what God lays on our heart to share and let His spirit move where he will!

They look like a rowdy bunch, but they really did calm down as soon as Dann stood up to share! ;^)

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Melissa said...

are tom and naomi down in mexico right now ?