Tuesday, March 25

Tackle it Tuesday -- The Party's Over...

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

The party is over...

…and the year-round residents of Las Glorias and Boca del Rio are left holding the bags: big, black, plastic bags! This “Tackle it Tuesday” is a little different from our usual. For that reason, I posted it on our family’s ministry blog, rather than my Mom-Blog.

Resurrection Sunday officially marked the last day of semana santa. The weekend partiers have left, the all-night ranchero, hip-hop and rock bands are finished, the masses of street vendors and snack shacks have been broken down and carted away. Now the residents can get down to the business of cleaning up the residue from the week-long fiesta. And what residue!!!

Yesterday, I went for a walk on the beach. It was a beautiful overcast, foggy morning – reminiscent of the Oregon coast, but about 40 degrees warmer. I took my camera, just ‘cause, and was glad I did when I got to our friend Eva’s house. Eva is a widow who lives right on the beach. She rents part of her yard as a camping area during the week of semana santa. When her campers left yesterday, they left their trash behind.

(and if you look closely, you’ll notice they left something else!
I nearly didn’t see the man passed out on the scaffold!)

Our Tackle it Tuesday project was to clean Eva’s yard for her. To be honest, this was the boys' project. We just supplied the tools, and they supplied the hands and the hearts!

As I walked home up the beach, I noticed that other people had been working, too. The city workers, a team of 5 men with a big truck and a bunch of trash bags, worked hard most of yesterday to get the beach presentable before high-tide sucked the garbage out to sea. Check out the difference.

While we can’t take credit for this part of the beach, it certainly feels good to be doing things to serve others! Eva was pretty tickled to have her yard cleaned up, too!!! The boys said that she paid them with a grapefruit apiece! "The workman is worthy of his wages", right?


Rick Rack Attack said...

What a huge tackle!

Stop by anytime. I'll get you a glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up. You've been busy!

Confession of an Apron Queen: http://anapronaday.blogspot.com

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Wow! What a mess! But it looks absolutely wonderful in the after pictures!!
Thanks to all of you for keeping that trash out of the ocean!

Heart of Wisdom said...

What a good job! What a mess it was. I am proud of you all for your efforts.


Doug & Rebecca & the Crew said...

In so many ways, our part of Mexico reminds us of the midwestern US about 30 years ago. Litter is one of those ways. The government is working hard to educate the people (big "keep your country clean" push in the schools) and we've seen huge improvement even in the past 3 years. It'll take some time, though, before folks realize that time marches on, but styrofoam is forever.