Friday, October 21

The Slippery Slope

The temporary ramp up the back hill, pictured here, was just too steep.  Our desire was that the fellowship center be wheelchair accessible (thinking of you Rebecca and Ana Laura!!! :^) ) and also that we'd be able to move sound equipment, the pool table, air hockey table and etc. up the hill easily.  The first ramp was just plain scary.  The boys joked about BMX bikers and skateboarders on the hill -- it was that steep.

Because of the distances we were working with, the final project is still a bit more inclined than the "ideal", but it's very workable.  I think that if you were in a wheelchair, you would want someone pushing behind, but at least you won't feel like you're going to tip over backwards!
With the form built, it was time to start mixing the concrete. Doug had a group huddle to explain to the boys how to mix and move the material and then they all got to work (not like they hadn't been working hard all day!). It was late afternoon by the time the ramp was ready to pour, but we knew that if we could push through and get it poured, it would be ready to use the next day. That was good enough incentive for everyone to work "just a little while longer".
As the wheelbarrows full of concrete came down that slope, I found myself praying -- frequently! 
This part of the project went pretty smoothly.  As they climbed the hill, though, there were some stressful moments.  Everyone was growing tired, the tools were growing heavy and tempers seemed to be growing short.  I wish that I could say that we all stopped working and prayed and then everything went fine.  I think that if we HAD stopped working for just a moment and prayed, everything would have been great.  We didn't.  Sometimes it's just really hard to remember that we need to STOP and pray!  Sometimes stopping just doesn't seem possible -- or it's not possible.

At any rate, we did make it to the top with only some slight mishaps -- including a toppled wheelbarrow full of concrete -- and moderate frustration.  Andrew and Julio are still friends -- even though they were really picking on each other by the time they finished! :^)

I showed up just in time to get my picture taken.  My job was to run the edger to make the edges smooth.
Then we used a broom to give a slight texture.
And in the morning:
No more slippery slope! Hurray!!!


supergirlsavannah said...

That is not a fellowship center... that is my house!!! It will be a lot easier getting my stuff up there now that there is a sidewalk.

Thanks for getting it ready for us.



Rebecca said...

You're so funny!!! For you, Rachel, we'll even put in a bathroom!!! ;^)