Tuesday, April 8

Hacer Plomeria

In English: Plumbing.

If we thought we were leaving our construction projects behind when we entered the mission field, we were mistaken! So many times Doug and I have said that God has been preparing us to be missionaries all our married life. Our various "project homes" and rental nightmares were all in preparation for this.

The school of ministry received a gift to re-do the students' bathrooms. They were in bad shape! Doug and Jessee spent most of last week tearing out the old, leaky tubing from the concrete walls and this week reinstalling new, PVC tubing and valves. Here are Doug and I installing the "workings" for the toilets. Of course, as with almost any plumbing job, it took twice as long as we thought it should, and we had to make a trip to town to pick up a very important part which should have been included in the packet, but wasn't. [It was a silly little rubber gasket that goes between the tank and the bowl. You'd think that the guy at the plumbing store would say, "Oh, BTW the gasket isn't included." But no, we had to figure it out in the middle of installing the thing.] Oh, well. What's done is done and now, we have nice toilets and showers in the students bathrooms! HURRAH!!!!
This week Doug is working on the "hot water" part of the shower. I'll save that for another post, because the Mexican hot shower is truly worthy of its own post.

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United in Christ said...

WOW ..I Can't believe my eyes ..please post what the bathrooms look like after ...
I will be waiting ..