Monday, March 9

Happy Purim!!!

Today at sunset Purim officially began! Happy Purim!!!

No, Purim is not a Mexican holiday. I'm sure that some folks celebrate Purim here, afterall, Mexicans really love a good party! Purim is, however, a Jewish celebration.

No, we're not Jews. But Purim is one of the celebrations God told the Israelites to keep -- and it's a good holiday!

Purim -- the Feast of Lots -- from the ancient Persian word Pur meaning "lot". The king cast lots to see which day he would set for the destruction of the Jews. Hence the name.

You can read more about the celebration of Purim at this really neat website I found.

Here's an exerpt from the site:

Purim in a nutshell:
1) An ancient story of court intrigue
2) Deception
3) Miscommunication
4) Drunken parties
5) Assassinations plots
6) A foolish king
7) A delinquent queen
8) Villains
9) A strong hero
10) One beautiful heroine.

This is the stuff of which best-selling novels are made!

Interested? Go read the book of Esther! If you have kids, I highly recommend listening to the Paws and Tales version of the story of Esther (available for purchase here CD, cassette or MP3. Sorry; couldn't find a free version!)...and don't forget to boo Haman!

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