Saturday, May 23

Mother's Day Tradtion

This is our 4th Mother's Day in Mexico. Wow! Time flies!!!

As we have each year, we ladies piled into our van and headed to the river for a "ladies' day out". This year's lunch was posole (a personal favorite!) and as usual we had a blast! Here are some photos of our day...

That's a serious pot of stew!!!

A special time of singing...

A time of teaching from the Word...

Prayer and fellowship...

Food, of course!

And of course time to just relax and have fun!

Yep. That's why I hate piñatas!!!

The water baloon toss!

We laughed and laughed and laughed...until we cried!!!

Here are the ladies of the a few! We managed to talk a few of the other moms from the village into coming along with us. A week or so later, Sister Virginia shared at Bible Study that her daughter, Myrna, had been really touched by her time with us. She hadn't really wanted to go, because she didn't think she'd have any fun -- and she didn't think she'd be accepted by the group because she's not a Christian. She was proven wrong on both counts!

Pray for these ladies and also pray that we would be able to reach out to other women of our village this summer. We're hoping to have a couple of women's "play days" in the next few months where we can invite more ladies from outside the church to participate.

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