Friday, June 26

Fun Fact Friday -- The field mouse

I haven't done Fun Fact Friday for a while. Frankly, I've been pretty busy and by the time I realize that it's Friday, it's actually Saturday. But this week I'm sharing, and I hope you enjoy!

Some time ago a bunch of us ladies went to the river for a picnic. When we were getting ready to leave, we lit a fire near an old tree stump to burn our garbage (not the best option for styrofoam, I know, but it beats throwing it in the river!).

Suddenly, a big mouse burst out of the tree stump and scuttled away into the bushes. Some of the ladies gasped and a few screamed. A couple of us trotted over to see what else was under there.

Huddling under the stump was a mama mouse and her two babies. When she saw us, she took off running...with her babies attached!

The mama mouse with her babies.

Both little ones were holding on for dear life to their mom's teats (mammary glands, if you prefer).

This little guy was holding on for dear life. Meanwhile, half the ladies were yelling, "Kill it! Kill it!", while the other half were pushing in for a closer look.

With all the jostling around trying to get a good picture, one of the babies ended up letting go. Gloria promptly picked it up and plopped it into a cup so I could get a close up. Isn't he cute??? I never knew that the mama mouse could carry her babies away in the event of an emergency. Just one more way that God looks out for His creatures, eh?

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