Saturday, March 15

Gloria's Place

One of Doug's ministries to the people of Las Glorias and Boca is helping with "projects". Things like "art projects" in Mexico are a little different than in the States. For instance, in Oregon if we wanted to make a sign for a yard sale, we just go buy a piece of poster board and grab our markers or acrylic paints and paintbrushes and go for it. Here, if the average national wants to make a sign, they will go to the market and buy the poster board (so far, so good) but in order to make the sign, they have to know what colors they want and buy each pen separately. The paper stores sell colored markers for any where from 4 pesos to 14 pesos (40 cents to a buck and a half). Just having a package of assorted markers "lying around the house" is unheard of. We're crazy, artsy Americans, so we have markers, crayons, acrylic paints, brushes and whatever lying around just waiting to be used. Why not use them, eh?

Here is a project that we just finished for a sister in the church. Gloria is the mother of Sergio, who is the director of the School of Ministry. About a year ago, she began a small restaurant "senaduria" at her house. Without a sign, her business has been steady, but a little slow. With Semana Santa coming (Holy Week), we thought a sign would help her out immensely!

Of course, when we delivered her "carton", a neighbor came over and asked if we could fix his sign for him. Looks like we have another project on our list!!!
This is Brother Tito. He makes the best fried fish in the village (I'm biased!). The "sign" literally says, "They Sell Oysters". This is pretty representative of advertisements in this part of Mexico. Find some relatively flat, non-rusty surface and spray paint your notice on it. It works. Hopefully, Gloria's new sign will attract more business!

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Jan said...

I didn't know what that word was! I guess because we don't have oysters here in Monterrey? It's not a common word!