Friday, March 28

M.C. Arok

Omar and his wife, Ediith, are a young couple from Guasave. They have been married for almost a year and have hearts to serve the Lord wherever He leads them. Omar's ministry is music -- specifically rap music. He has done concerts and youth events all around the Guasave, Los Mochis and Culiacan area. April 19, he'll be in Culiacan with "Hip-Hop Flavors". Rap and hip-hop are very popular musical forms in our part of Mexico.

Omar and Caleb "hit it off" immediately! I took a great video of the two of them doing an impromptu song, but I held the camera side-ways to get a better shot...and I can't rotate the video. I'm sure someone can, but I'm not that someone! Thought it would be better to NOT make people turn side-ways to watch the video! Just believe me when I say that they make a really good duo!

If you're interested in Spanish Christian rap...or just curious about can take a peek at Omar's web page...and you can watch a video of M.C. Arok (his stage name) right-side up!

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