Friday, August 8

Wheelchair Accessible

Months ago when the team was in its formative stage, we received an email asking if it would feasible for a woman in a wheelchair to come down to minister with us. Our first response was, “Sure!” Of course there were concerns – such as would the wheelchair fit through doorways and how would we transport the chair from place to place – but it was mostly logistics on this end. Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

Having Rebecca was such a blessing to our whole family. She and Seth particularly hit it off. Would you believe that she really likes lizards?

Anyway, the second day the guys built a wooden “runway” of sorts to help get Rebecca’s wheel chair from the road to the front door. It wasn’t ideal, but it did help. When we finished pouring cement on Saturday, though, we received a special blessing: there was half a mixer full of cement left. The men quickly threw together wooden forms (I’ve never seen them work so fast!) and presto! We had a cement walkway!

If I hadn’t known that it would irreparably damage the walkway, I would have given Esteban a little nudge. It was a serious temptation.

Some of the team members had already headed for the showers, but those who were still around when the walkway was finished were able to leave their mark in the cement. We pray for them (and the rest of the team, too) every time we walk up or down the sidewalk.

Sunday morning we had a “christening” – Evie and Seth garnished the walkway with glitter confetti and Rebecca was able to come all the way to the house by herself! We are now “wheelchair accessible”!

What's the moral of the story? If God puts in your heart a desire to serve, He will equip you to serve. Don't allow a physical, mental or emotional deficiency to hinder your decision to obey God's call on your life. Remember that in God's eyes, no one is deficient -- or maybe we all are and that's why He's so patient with us!

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