Thursday, October 16

Hurricane Norbert Blasts Alamos, Sonora

Here are exerpts from an update letter we just received from fellow missionaries in Alamos, Sonora. Alamos is only about 150 miles north of us -- just east of a town called Navajoa. Please read their update and pray for this village. If you'd like to help in any way, let us know! You can also donate via Paypal through the "Make Donation" button on the left. Specify "Hurricane Relief" in the comment box.
From Daniel and Ana Jones, Rancho Maranatha, Sonora:

"He does great things past finding out, yes, wonders without number"
Job 9:10

Stories continue to be told, amazing ones that leave you totally speechless. My little sister in Mexicali keeps calling on the phone, she wants to hear them all. There are too many to tell...

This is like many, many, many homes in Alamos; and this the overwhelmed look on many, many, many people's faces. But I have to say that last evening, as I sat with my sister Elia outside her ruined house, the moon was shining so bright, the air was so clear and crispy and we were so, so, so thankful for the way the Lord spared the lives of every member of our extensive family involved in the disaster. Most things can be replaced, (well, not pictures, at least not the same ones), but lives can never be, and for not having lost any family members we don't cease to thank our merciful Father. We truly stand in awe of His wonders!

Aaliyah saw this today and exclaimed, 'oh, my goodness!' This picture is taken from my cousin Flora's back yard!

Thank you so much for all of you that are praying for us. Please do continue. We are hoping, and praying, our brothers and sisters from CC Alamos will be able to come to the fellowship day next Sunday. Many of them are so busy, either cleaning their own houses, or helping someone else. Thank God for all the help the government is sending. It is truly amazing to see all the helicopters, airplanes, fire trucks, ambulances, etc., just aiding people left and right. The CFE (electric co.), has done a remarkable work restoring electricity practically to the whole town already. Also the road that accesses Alamos was already working the second day of the hurricane, we were so thankfully amazed at how fast they did that.

Crissie is here with her friend Anabel cleaning the kitchen. Crissie, who lost everything, including her bed of course, has been spending the night at her friend's house. Uncle Pino, as you can tell, has lost one of his shoes, it was buried in the mud, he told me, and he is quite upset about it. (I think Daniel found it today!)That handsome guy above right, (you can't really tell by the picture that he is very good looking), has been shoveling mud these last two days even in his sleep.

Thank you so much for your prayers, for your concern, for your encouraging and kind words, for your help. In name of all the believers involved, THANK YOU!!!

We love you all very much,
Daniel & Ana

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