Saturday, May 3

Take me to the River

Baptisms in Mexico are a little different than we used to do them in the States. For one, most churches here don't have baptismals, so we head to the river. Secondly, baptism here is a really big deal, so we make a big deal of it. The whole church showed up to celebrate these brothers' and sisters' public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ and their willingness to walk in obedience to Him.

Once again, we're posting more photos than words. Photos are just cool. At this point, our American friends are thinking, 'Where are they taking us?' If it looks bad now, imagine the guys behind us...
These are the guys behind us.

Crossing the river on the San Jose Ferry.

And then we all jumped in...or were thrown in bodily.

No one escaped.

Running didn't help.

At least they took off Victor's shoes first!!!

To be fair, they didn't throw in everybody...just almost everybody!



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