Friday, March 20

Fun Fact Friday -- Birthday Traditions

It's Friday again! Time for another Fun Fact!

Did you know...

In addition to the usual customs of singing a birthday song and hitting a piñata, the Mexican people have a couple of other fun traditions for birthday parties. One tradition is the sharing of a meal.

That's a serious spoon!

That's always a great thing! The other tradition is biting the cake.

The birthday boy (or girl) gets to take the first bite of cake. So, he gingerly bends over to take that first bite from the very edge of the cake...
and his good friends, who are stationed all around him, unceremoniously shove his whole face into the cake.

You've gotta love it...unless you're the birthday boy! Happy Birthday, Brother Tito!

Where do these traditions come from? I have no idea! But they're fun!

I can't wait to hear your Fun Fact for this Friday! Link up below!!!

-- Rebecca

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