Thursday, April 23

Fun Fact Friday -- The Sinaloan Moving Van

In the course of our 17 years of married life, we've moved a few times and each of those moves had its "memorable moments". There are a couple of pictures in my mind of very precarious loads -- one being the time we fastened the galvanized dog kennel to the flatbed trailer and piled all our earthly belongings into the "cage". I'm sure we were quite a sight, but we were nothing compared to this photo taken on Highway 15 in Mexico!

As far as I know, there are no "U-Haul" type places down here. If you want to move it, you just move it. Hey, you'll notice that this guy does have tail lights. Pretty snappy! Note: this is one of the reasons we recommend that you travel during daylight hours in Mexico. You don't want to miss these photo opportunities!!!

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