Saturday, July 25

Summer Mission Events 2009

I always struggle when I post about the mission teams which come down to serve with us. Not because there's not much to share, but rather that the sheer number of photos, funny stories, spiritual applications, growing and stretching moments (for all involved!) is so great! How can I limit my posts to what will load quickly on the page and not bore or confuse readers beyond belief?

This summer we hosted two mission teams back-to-back. It was an absolutely wonderful time from the moment the first team arrived to the moment the last team left. After that, we were tired; it was a good tired, though!

The team which came from Sacramento, California, hosted a kids' festival the likes of which hasn't been seen in Boca del Rio since...well, since I don't know when! As usual, language wasn't much of a barrier to these missionaries!

Enjoy the snapshots!

Proof that Rebecca was there!

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Greetings from Guatemala said...

these are some great photos! hope you are having a good weekend. Blessings!