Thursday, July 22

New Kids on the Block

Some friends in Los Mochis who run the deaf school (where Sarah volunteered last school year) were gracious enough to loan us a couple of kids for the summer! Meet Andrés and Juanito:

These boys are wonderful! It's been a while since we had "little ones" clomping around the house on a regular basis. I've certainly missed it!

To be sure, our house is seldom what you would call "quiet" and never "boring", but adding an eight and nine year old to the mix has given us some neat reminders of times past and some new experiences -- for our two youngest especially!

  • Juanito goes everywhere at a run and talks 200 mph. Until he gets tired and then he just stops.
  • Andres is fascinated by the "nature" we have around here. He spent almost an hour the second day he was with us watching the male cardinal and searching for the female.
  • Having a younger sibling is a new experience for Evie -- she's stepping up!
  • Our Andrew loves being big brother to little brothers.
  • Caleb is the little boys' hero...especially after this incident:

That's a "culebra pollera" (chicken snake) going after our new baby ducklings. Caleb is holding the machete so I could take the picture.

I think Juanito and Andrés enjoy having 4 big brothers as much as the big brothers enjoy having two more little brothers to goof off with!!!

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