Friday, April 22

April Showers...or Not

Spring in Las Glorias brings foggy mornings, sunny afternoons, cool evenings and starry skies at night. Paradise.

Except for the fact that we always seem to be struggling to get water to the house.

Our drinking water isn't a problem, since we purchase water in 5 gallon jugs from the purification station. The "house water", though, arrives to us via PVC pipes from the village water tank, falls into our 5000 liter cistern and is then pumped to the tinaco on the roof as needed. Usually. But not lately.

Since we got home, we've been basically out of water. Luz and Jorge, the water people in our village, have been wonderful about sending water trucks over once in a while, but it's been a bit stressful. Ah, life on the beach!

One really nice thing about a water shortage (I can only think of one) is that the cistern is totally empty. What a great opportunity for some spring cleaning!!!

Seth volunteered to help with this project. Actually, I think he was pressed into service, but he did his job heartily, as unto the Lord!

I was reminded of why we don't drink our tap water as I watched the guys haul up bucket after bucket of sludge from the bottom of the tank. Yucky!!!

With the arrival of semana santa (Holy Week), we were prepared to finally receive water -- our nice clean tank waiting expectantly. Yesterday, Thursday, the water began to fall and we all cheered and sent up a prayer of thanksgiving.

Why are we so overjoyed at the sound of water falling into the cistern?

I guess hardship and struggle are just a part of life. Honestly, I sometimes wonder if they aren't the better part -- without hardship and struggle, how can we truly appreciate abundance and peace?

Thank you, Lord, for the lessons you teach us during those dry, difficult times!!!

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