Friday, December 9

Taking it to the Next Level

With the lower 2 meters (about 6 feet) of walls finished and the cadena (in English it's literally "chain", it's similar to a header) poured, it was time to set the level of the top meter of wall. Although Julio really doesn't like heights, he took his place on top of the wall.

Here is Andrew helping Alfredo heft bricks to the andamio (scaffold). This picture was taken the day after a load of bricks toppled off the andamio, missing Andrew's head by only a few inches. From what I heard, no one had ever seen him jump so fast! You can see how the tabique (bricks) are piled on either end of the andamio. Somehow, one of those stacks toppled over. This is why we pray protection over the worksite and the workers every day!
Chuy and Joaquin stopped in several times during the past month to help with hauling and mixing and whatever else was needed. The walls grew quickly and by November 8th, the guys were almost ready to start pouring the top cadena.

The last of the brick work was completed November 11. Hurray!!!

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