Tuesday, August 26

Goodbye, Julio!!!

Tropical Storm Julio came to visit this past weekend. All we received from him was some wind and a lot of rain, but it was pretty exciting tracking his progress via the National Hurricane Center (when the power wasn't out, which happens quite frequently during rain storms here).

Anyway, yesterday Doug, Evie and I took a little stroll down to the beach to see what the waves looked like. Of course, it started pouring right after we left, so we were completely drenched when we came home...which made the walk more fun. Would you believe that even with a torrential downpour of rain, we still fought mosquitoes as we walked? They are just insane this time of year!!!

So, it drizzled and blew all day and then in the late afternoon, the sky began to clear. Here's Julio rolling away up the coast.
I went to work over at our neighbor's house and on my way home, the sky was incredible! When I walked into the house, I ran for my camera, but it wasn't where it was supposed to be. Frantically, I started tearing through the house searching for it. I did finally find it...on the roof in Evie's hands! She'd seen the sunset, too!!! She struggled with getting really clear shots, but the colors are still tremendous.



myrtle beached whale said...

Glad you survived the storm. Thanks for visiting my blog. You, too, live in a beautiful place. Nice family. You all seem very happy.

Fruitful Vine said...

How cool is that! I'm glad you guys caught it on camera.