Saturday, August 23

Mexican Food

One of our favorite parts of Mexican life has got to be Mexican food. The food here in Sinaloa is a little different than Mexican food you might find in the northern Mexican states or in the US. We wanted the team to experience some “real” Mexican food, so we arranged a few meals at some of our friends’ houses.

Lupita, Esteban’s mom-in-law, loves to make tamales and was willing to prepare a couple hundred of them for our first lunch. Several of the ladies from the team went to Lupita’s house early in the morning to begin assembling tamales. Oh how I wish I had photos! We had a great time tying tamales and talking.

Lunch was served in Lupita’s yard. She has the most beautiful flowers of all of Boca del Rio!

Other great Mexican food we introduced to our team included Armida’s hot dogs and horchata, gorditas at Gloria’s house, empanadas and pan de mujer at Victoria’s house (pan de mujer is a flat bread filled with brown sugar), barbecoa at Aristeo’s wedding, seviche and ostiones crudos at the river (the seviche was planned, the raw oysters – I’m not responsible for any stomach ailments caused by the consumption of raw oysters!!!), and a special going away dinner of posole served by the school of ministry. Of course, we ate a lot of gringo food, too, but that’s boring! :^)

Oh, by the way Marc and Nancy, Rebecca found proof that she really did sit down and eat at least once!!! ;^)

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