Saturday, August 23

Volleyball Outreach

The volleyball tournament/outreaches and the riverboat trip were the two hardest events to choose photos for. Between Dann and Rebecca we had almost 400 pictures of those two events alone! Wow!

This volleyball tournament was the second we’ve hosted at the church. The first, in April, was such a huge success that we thought it would be the perfect event for this team, too. In addition to the 20+ groups who signed up to play, dozens of other people came to watch and fellowship.

The evangelistic outreach was done as an intermission on each of the three days, so that the people would stay. The team shared music, dramas and personal testimonies.

The volleyball matches gave a great opportunity for the Americans to interact with the nationals in a non-threatening way.

Team members handed out cups of water for the spectators during the volleyball games.

Through the volleyball outreaches, foundations have been laid for some lasting friendships. Several of the men and women who played in the tournaments would never have set a foot inside the church’s doors, so the tournament outreaches are a perfect place for them to hear testimony of believers.

Pray for a man named Manuel. He played on Doug’s team both in April and in June and also was one of the guides (the boat guy) on our river outing. He is beginning to count the cost of a decision for Christ. Praying to receive Christ is a very serious decision here, and is not taken lightly. Pray that he will see the eternal value in a life dedicated to Jesus Christ and that he will choose the “narrow path”.

Short-term mission teams don’t always see the fruit of their labor immediately, but we see it here after they leave! The impact they make is eternal.

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