Tuesday, September 9


Caleb has been taking "casting lessons" from his friend Abimael. He's gotten pretty good! Actually, he's gotten REALLY good! He and Abi are looking forward to shrimp season opening!

The net the boys are using is called a taralla (tah RYE ah). They wrap the net carefully into a bundle and then toss it with amazing finesse. When the net hits the water, it is a perfect circle -- weighted down to the ocean floor. Then they haul it in with the rope which is attached.

This net is perfect for bringing in shrimp and bait for larger fish. The boys are hoping to be able to catch bait and sell it to the tourists during tourist season. Should be quite the lucrative (and fun) business!

Caleb got a taralla of his own for his birthday, so I would expect to see more photos on his blog soon!

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