Tuesday, September 9

Got Shrimp???

"Were you in the boat when the boat tipped over?"
"'Course not, silly. I was in the water!"

Seriously, though, there is a reason why the National Hurricane Center issues small craft advisories. On Monday, shrimp season opened and all the local fishermen gathered nets, coolers and boats and rushed for the open sea.

One problem: Tropical storm Lowell. All we've seen of him so far has been some wind and a lot of rain. The ocean, however is really choppy!

Mid-morning Monday, Ladis's boat motor stalled, his boat flipped over and was pounded into the jetty by the waves. Fortunately neither of the men in the boat were seriously injured -- a few scrapes and scratches, but nothing more. Ladis told Doug that he was saved by a small cleft in the rocks where he hung on while the waves slammed his boat on top of him over and over.

Meantime, Doug was in Guasave taking care of some business. Otherwise he would have been in the boat with Ladis. Keep praying God's protection over our family and over the other men who are fishing. It's their way of life, but it still has its dangerous side.

Pray also that the men are able to repair the boat quickly. Doug and Ladis are talking with a man tonight about fixing the hole. This is Ladis' livelihood and the best shrimping only lasts a couple of weeks.

Well, here comes the rain again! I'd better post this before the power goes out! I'll try to get a photo of the boat. From what I've heard, it's pretty badly munched.

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