Saturday, October 11

Boca del Rio Water Purification Station

Water is often an issue in our part of Mexico. Being an agricultural hub, one would imagine that irrigation is a vital part of life. So very true! Irrigation canals run through most major cities and to the outlying towns and villages passing farmland and orchards along the way. The roads are lined on both sides by fields of corn, milo, tomatoes, peppers, beans and many other crops. It seems that the land here is in a constant state of either planting, growing or harvesting.

Villagers in outlying coastal areas rely on water which is pumped from inland, both for “tap water” and also for drinking water. Water purification systems in the larger cities are improving almost daily. Los Mochis now has tap water which runs all the time and is safe (and actually very tasty) for drinking. Guasave also has water which runs all day – but we’ve yet to actually drink it…old habits die hard!

The coastal villages, however, depend on a system of pipes and cisterns to move water to them from towns with good, freshwater wells. When we moved here 3 years ago, the nearest water purification plant was about 10 miles away in the village of Palos Verdes. About a year and a half ago, a woman in the church of Boca got a government grant to construct a water station in Boca del Rio. Hurrah!

For the first time in history, the people of Boca del Rio, Las Pitayas, Las Glorias and Rosales could purchase drinking water locally! This is very important in a culture where most families don’t own cars. Water at “Water of the Pines” costs $.80 for a 5 gallon garafón. Very reasonable…and delicious! So, here are some photos of Karen, a graduate of the school of ministry, working at the water station. She is working to earn money to go to Africa as a full-time missionary. Keep her and Mavil in your prayers! They earnestly desire to go and work at the orphanage in Uganda, but are lacking the funding. We know that God is faithful to complete the work He begins and are looking forward to His completing this work in these young ladies’ lives!!!

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