Saturday, October 4

The only metal fab shop in Las Glorias

...or "Why I Want to Finish Building the House" by Rebecca.

Not that I mind having the projects around, and I really don't mind the sound of tools buzzing all day, but I'd REALLY like to keep the metal shavings in the shop and not get flashed-burnt while trying to teach history. Ah, someday!!! ;^) I know that Doug would prefer to not have a couch in the middle of his shop, too, so we're on the same page!

Anyway, here's what Doug has been working on lately...
Esteban came over one morning to help paint the metal frames. Painting has never been Doug's favorite and with his asthma the way it is he avoids paint whenever possible. Plus, those two are always looking for an excuse to hang out. It was really neat listening to them, too. Since it was kind of a "one-man job", Doug pulled up a chair and read to Esteban while they worked. I was sitting inside working on the 'puter and heard Doug teaching out of the book of Matthew. I thought, "Who's here?" and then realized that he and Esteban were studying the Word together. Very cool.
Over the next days Caleb, Jessee and Andrew took turns helping install the gates. It's very handy to have all those extra hands and feet to hold things and fetch things. The boys are learning a lot in the process, too!

The finished products! There are actually 5 gates of varying sizes. Quite a project and beautifully done! (Yes, my bias is showing again!!!)

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