Saturday, November 15


A Poem Written by Doug in Memory of his Grandma Eva (Coult) McDonald


The time has come to say goodbye.

I'll hold my tears, try not to cry.

Grandma won't be with us now.

She has left this world -- she's looking down.

Her face is shining bright as snow,

But we can't see, nor can we know

The joy that she will know today

When she beholds the Savior's face.

He'll smile when He sees her come.

He'll say, "Come in and rest! Well done!

You fought the fight. You stood your ground.

You kept the love. Your faith was sound.

When I asked you to pray, you prayed.

When I told you to go, you obeyed.

When they asked you if you knew me,

You were not ashamed."

Jesus will draw close and He'll whisper her name.

She'll stand up straight and spin around

With strength and health newly found.

No pain, no sorrow, no suffering.

Pure joy and peace to see the King

Face to face with Him who bore;

Who stretched His arms from shore to shore.

He died for her; she knew that well.

To give her heaven, He went through hell.

Today what feels a loss to me is, to Grandma, victory!

No more death. The night is over.

No more weight upon her shoulders.

Now, I know that for a while

I'll have to wait to see her smile.

The tears are close, it must be told,

But what's sad to me, to her is gold.

Goodbye, Grandma!

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