Thursday, January 15

Feliz Navidad!

Here are a few shots from the church Christmas party...
New chairs
Tom brought these chairs as a gift from a church in California. Maybe they looked old where they came from, but boy-oh-boy are they pretty here!!!

angry eyes

This is Jasiel's newest cute trick: "Angry Eyes" (I think you have to see the old Toy Story for that to be funny.) We managed to get all the kids up front to sing "Away in a Manger" in Spanish, but since we were all up front, no one took pictures. We didn't warn the kids at all -- yeah, they were a little upset...especially since we made them do the hand motions!!!
los jovenes cantan
The youth of the church (those that they could talk into it anyway) sang a couple of songs during the party.

church's new pianoHere's a good shot of a gift that was given recently -- a Korg keyboard. A family in Guasave had this sitting in a closet not being used and desired to donate it to a church which needed it. It's been such a blessing to have and is saving wear and tear on our piano, too. Bris and Sergio and a few others in the church are wanting to take piano lessons, now that the church has a piano accessible!
Evie and Damaris singing
Damaris and Evie sang the Moses song, "Dame la Paz".

Secret Santa gifts

Does your church do the Secret Santa? It's a big hit here. Everyone is called forward one at a time to receive their gift, open it, ooh and ahh over it and then give the next gift. Pastor Ricardo drew Doug's name. It was a hilarious gag gift! (Sorry, not gonna describe it over the internet. Suffice to say that one of the older church members was a little offended!)

Doug's gift

Hey, Annette! You said you wanted to see Damaris' face when she opened your gift? Here ya go!!!

Damaris's Gift

Here's Aristeo: The Taco King
Aristeo the taco man

Taco feed

Norma's Brothers...or cousins or something!

A great time was had by all and eveyone ate tacos! This was a very special party simply because most of the church was there and everyone brought their families. So often people stay home to be with their families at Christmas, or even on Sundays if family comes to visit, but this time the family came along as well.

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Great pictures!

I love the energy in your blog. God bless your missions work.