Wednesday, April 8

Los Jovenes -- The Youth

Our youth group continues to meet on Saturdays -- although last week we cancelled because of a quince años party, and this week we're cancelling because of semana santa. Next weekend, a local pastor is hosting a youth fellowship weekend, which the kids are looking forward to attending.

Two weeks ago, the Guasave Alliance of Churches sponsored a city-wide youth concert. Each church was invited to bring a "youth band" or worship team to share a few songs. Boca's youth band consists of Sarah on guitar and Caleb on drums and neither of them was really excited about getting up to perform in front of a couple of hundred youth. We're praying that God would be raising up a few more Christian instrumentalists in Boca!

We did, however, take a van full of kids to the concert. I think the final headcount was 25.

The concert was great. Several local churches have fantastic worship bands, some of which do tours and concerts of their own. Here are some shots of one of the groups.

It's been, well, awesome watching God work in the lives of a couple of the young men of Boca. When we arrived three years ago, there were no youth in the church. We believe that through our kids' example -- not that they are perfect, but rather that they are genuine -- God has been drawing some of the youth of Boca to Himself. Aby and Esteban stop by our house frequently, usually bringing friends with them, and we try to always be available for them...and to keep a little food on hand for their visits! Youth are, afterall, youth no matter what country you're in!

The guys are planning another "wilderness camping excursion" for next week before the boys go back to school. Pray that God would give Doug insight as he works and plays with these young men.

I noticed at the last youth meeting we had, that while there were about 15 young men and women inside listening to Luz's teaching, another 3 or 4 were standing just outside the church door listening. One young man sat on his bicycle for almost an hour just listening...not moving. I prayed that God would be speaking to this young man's heart.

We believe that God is preparing to do some mighty things in the lives of the youth of Boca del Rio and Las Glorias. It's a privelege to be here to witness it first hand!

Pray for the youth of Boca del Rio!

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drpoulette said...

Great! We are constantly praying for the youth of Mexico. Good to hear what God is doing in los jovenes of your part of Mexico.