Thursday, July 9

Fun Fact Friday -- Spanish Vocabulary

This week's Fun Fact Friday is a Spanish vocabulary lesson.

Our topic is Mariscos!!! In English: Seafood!!!

Living in a fishing community, we've learned a lot of Spanish words and phrases that you wouldn't necessarily learn in your regular high school Spanish class.
Here are a few...with visuals!!!

Tiburón -- Shark

This one was a female!

Baby sharks

Ostión -- Oyster

I sell oysters!

Caracol -- Snail

Camarón -- Shrimp




Pescado -- Fish

Pescado Frito -- Fried Fish

Almeja -- Clam

Almejas Asadas -- Roasted Clams (Bien ricas! Yummy!!!)

Jaiba -- Crab

And finally, here's a Spanish tongue twister:

Tengo un barco camaronero. Desencamarónemelo.

Translation: I have a shrimp boat. Take the shrimp off of it for me.

Hope you enjoyed this Fun Fact Friday! Thanks for stopping by!

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