Friday, November 4

They Keep on Moving Along

A few pics of the fellowship center construction. Today the guys poured the concrete "cadena" which ties the corners and walls together.

I don't know why, but pouring concrete always gets a bit tense. Whether it's something as small as a doorpost or as big as a roof, there is always a moment of "tension". Sometimes there's more than a moment.

In today's drama, there were two groups. One group was preparing the mold and wiring up the last sections of metal.

The other group was mixing the concrete and pouring the cadena.

The tension started when the pouring group caught up to the preparing group...and found a section of the mold that wasn't quite prepared.

All work stopped for a moment. Then everyone pitched in and helped get the mold shored up and ready to pour (keep in mind that the cement is mixed, wet and needing to pour).

It all came together without further problems. Evie and I were down at the house, praying!

After lunch, Doug and the guys decided to make the best use of the daylight left and started the last section of the access ramp. We had a couple of spills off the edge of the temporary wooden ramp today. Nothing serious -- just a couple of bruised prides and scraped knees. Glad that the kids' angels were on the job today!

End of the day pic:

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